Quote: “There is a need to move away from a throwaway society”- Prince Charles.

The Prince has been a pioneer for sustainability for decades. In an interview with Marion Hume for ‘The Fashion Issue’ of the Australian Financial Times we discover His Royal Highness was ‘someone who had gone organic long before it became an entire aisle in the supermarket.’

He has established many initiatives over the years including the Campaign for Wool in 2010. The campaign is a global endeavour to promote the use of wool and its major benefits. He explains,”what inspired me to start the process of trying to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability was to witness the wholesale abandonment in the 1960s and 70s of so many tried and tested traditional techniques and approached.” This time, saw the move towards synthetic materials. “It was clear to me that growers were suffering… it was clear that the time was right to reposition wool as the only real, ecological fibre option in fashion that would give consumers a return on capital invested.” He states, “this was the beginning of an environmental catastrophe, in my view, which future generations will pay for if the current trends do not change.”

But not all faith is lost….”I believe consumers are increasingly rediscovering there are genuine alternatives, particularly wool, that may cost a little more, but which last considerably longer. I have been persistent in my belief that natural solutions are readily available, a message which seems to be getting through.”

Prince Charles gave his first speech in support of preserving the environment at just 20 years old. His concerns extend across aspects including coral bleaching, plastic waste and genetically modified foods.

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